Ferdous Steel Ship Recycling Industries

Ferdous Steel Ship Recycling Industries is the very first concern of Mr. Lokman Hakim. Ferdous Steel Corporation got the ISO Certification for the first time 1n 2007. It’s situated at Bhatiyari coast in Chittagong region, Bangladesh. Total area of the Yard is 11.50 Acre.

Till 2022, the company have demolished around 45 Nos. of different types and size of ships with approximate tonnage 620,000.00M LDT, and counting.

Ferdous Steel Corporation is certificated for ISO 30000:2009 – Ship Recycling Management System from international certification body.
The yard is also certified for management system certification ISO 9001 – Quality Management System, ISO 14001 – Environment Management System, from well known classification and certification agency. Management system certification, support and streamline the ship recycling activities as well as ensures the environment, health and safety requirements.

Ferdous Steel Ship Recycling Industries has a natural and metal structured slip way – formally termed as the Intertidal Ship Recycling method with natural and metal structured way. Ship Recycling Facility is an example of green and sustainable ship recycling to the world.

Our next goal is to be the best ship recycling facility in the world, and we want to do this in partnership with innovative ship owners and the international community. The Bangladesh government is already onboard and will continue to provide further support to the ship recycling industry to green its standards and practices.

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